About Cardiac Study Center, Inc. P.S.


Vision & Mission

Achieve national recognition as a trusted and respected provider of high-quality cardiology care, services, and superior leadership.

Dedicate ourselves to enhancing the health and well-being of our patients through the delivery of exceptional cardiology care.

Beliefs and Values

  • Achieve excellence: CSC leverages its full potential and professionalism to continuously grow and succeed.
  • Embrace change: CSC’s team collaborates to foster positive change in responsive and effective ways.
  • Show compassion and teamwork: CSC values diversity and sincerely cares for one another.
  • Think ahead of the curve: CSC’s team maximizes results by thinking ahead and working smarter.
  • Innovate and act: CSC’s team makes a difference by experimenting with prototypes and taking action for continuous improvement of processes, products, and services.
  • Learn quickly and take initiative: CSC empowers its team to take risks, learn, and grow.
  • Practice integrity and ethics: CSC’s team always does the right thing.
  • Build strong relationships: CSC’s team creates strong connections with all stakeholders for mutual benefit.
  • Sustainability: CSC’s team is responsible for engaging in sustainable development.”
Cardiac Study Center

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